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The 6th Wonder of our world

Eastern Cape, South Africa


100 km N.E. of Port Elizabeth, Alexandra, a small farming town, was established in 1840 and named after Rev Alexander Smith of the Dutch Reformed Church, and proclaimed as a municipality in 1886.   It is one of the most important chicory producing areas in South Africa and has numerous historical buildings.   Quin Sculpture Garden, home of popular South African sculptor, Maureen Quin is a must visit.   The area has great ecological importance as the largest active shifting dune field system in the world, visible from space.   There is a narrow stretch of pristine indigenous forests at Woody Cape, home to many naturally occurring mammals and a diversity of birdlife.


Anglican Church 1860  

Dutch Reformed Church 1896

Karel Landman Voortrekker Monument     

Ndlambe Basket Weavers:  046-653-0422

Old Magistrate’s court and jail

Quin Sculpture Garden: 046-653-0121




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