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Cannon Rocks
Explorer Vasco Da Gama sailed this coastline and Cannon Rocks owes its name to the wrecking of the Portuguese ship Sao Joao Baptista that ran aground after a battle with two Dutch ships in March 1622. 279 survivors began their arduous walk to Lourenzo Marques (Maputo) but only 28 completed the journey. The old cannons and anchor from the wreck were discovered and remain on display in the village. Today Cannon Rocks borders directly onto the Woody Cape section of the Greater Addo Elephant National Park and is world famous as a kiteboarding destination.

Boknes was originally part of the Jammesfontein farm (1788). In 1927 the farm was surveyed and the first holiday home built a year later. Portuguese navigator, Bartholomew Diaz, erected a cross, or padrao, in 1488. A replica has been erected on the same spot, 4km east of Boknesstrand.

The tiny enclave of Kasouga is part of the original 1825 Bovey farm, and is the oldest resort in the Eastern Cape. It has been the site of many shipwrecks. Kasouga is home to the largest population of Oribi antelope in the southern hemisphere and was proclaimed a Natural Heritage Site in recognition of this in 1989.

The first township in Port Alfred was situated on the Western side, and was moved to its present site just before WWII. In 1993, Nemato (Nelson Mandela Township) was the first liberated township to stage a protest march, where members of the community marched from Nemato to the City Hall in Port Alfred in protest of Apartheid.

Kleinemonde, Riet River and Rufanes
Surrounded by several rivers, offering great canoeing, birding and horse riding opportunities. The unspoilt beaches are flat and ideal for hiking, and river banks crowded with indigenous vegetation. Easy walk along the beach to the Great Fish River Lighthouse built in 1898. It is a 9 metre octagonal masonary tower, 76m above sea level and 800m from the shoreline. The light flashes once every 10 seconds and has an approximate candle power of 5,000,000 with a range of 32 nautical miles. The area is also home to Adele’s Mohair Factory.

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