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Historically the Zuurveld, as it was known, had many bird species that lived here. As with all developing towns and villages, many rare species were caught, eaten and destroyed. Many concerned people, whose love of the flora and fauna of the area, have gone out of their way to preserve and encourage the birds to come back to live and breed are now seeing the results of their efforts.

Where to spot birds in Port Alfred .....  The estuaries at Port Alfred and Boknes are best for waders in summer; Common Greenshank, Whimbrel, Grey plover, Ruddy turnstone and Sandling are common, and there are often Blackwinged plovers on the golf course at Port Alfred.

... and Alexandria Forest ..... The Alexandria Forest Reserve is a half hour's drive from Port Alfred; follow the Port Elizabeth road, and take the Kenton On Sea turnoff. At Salem take the dirt road to Alexandria, which is much more direct and usually in fair condition. In the town of Alexandria, turn into the main street heading west, and just out of town turn left at the sign to the Alexandria hiking trail and Woody Cape. Thereafter the road is signposted; you require a permit from the office, for which there is a small charge. The office is closed at weekends, and the forester should be contacted in advance. Phone 046-653-0601.

For a comprehensive birding tour, telephone Anne Williams at 046-675-1976 or the Kenton Birding Club on 046-684-1868.

... and Boknes..... The remote beach at Boknes offers connoisseurs of solitude an opportunity to revel in isolation. Birds abound at the lagoon (in the tiny village of Boknes) and the beaches give one a chance to watch the sea birds in their glory.

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