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Community Police Forum

Community police Forum (CPF)

Port Alfred’s local Community Police Forum was established in 2008 by a number of concerned citizens motivated by Dr. Paul Quinet.  Mike Millard of Multi Security has being apart of the forum since inception and has held various portfolios on the forum’s Executive.

Sector Policing

sector-policing-vehicle-patrol1Sector Policing is a community crime awareness initiative from the SAPS assited by the CPF. Policing areas are divided into sectors and each sector establishes a committee with a leader to coordinate the program. Their primary purpose is to get the community to be more aware of their environment, what criminal activities happens there and to invoke preventive measures. These take the form of vehicle patrols in some sectors while other involve regular walkers to become their eyes and ears to notice any strangers in the area and to report such events.

sector-policing-foor-patrollersMulti Security provides extensive sponsorships to assist a number of sectors with their initiatives as well as attending to sector meetings.

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