The shores of Port Alfred are host to the most unique diving in the Eastern Cape. We are famous for our soft coral, the numerous wrecks that dot our shores and unbeknown to many, the incredible "Lunar landing" which is where crayfish in their hundreds live and breed. This sport, which is so special, has not yet been discovered by most people in Port Alfred. Facilities for overnight stays, lessons for the unschooled and for those wanting complete packages, please telephone tourism.

Although days, or sometimes even weeks, of poor diving conditions may persist, particularly during the summer rainy season, this relatively unexplored part of the coast offers superb diving when conditions are good. The westerly winds clean the water, as does a light easterly wind, while a strong easterly dirties it. Warm Berg winds flatten the water but bring in cold water because of up welling, and fog often presents problems. The western ocean currents clean the water and the opposite holds true for the eastern currents.



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