Sunshine Coast Tourism
The 6th Wonder of our world

Eastern Cape, South Africa



Fishing permits are available from the Post Office at a nominal fee.   You can fish in our rivers, estuaries and oceans.   Please note that there are areas where bait collection and fishing is prohibitied.  

The Port Alfred River and Ski Boat Club, situated on the banks of the Kowie River, hosts wonderful competitions, such as the Tuna Classic.   There are many rock and surf competions as well as deep sea finishng competions and charters available.  

If you would like to charter a deep sea fishing boat and crew, read more...


  Min Size Bag limit
Baardman (lasselfish) 40cm 5
Blacktail (dassie) 20cm 5
Blue Hottentot nil 5
Bronze Bream (bluefish) 30cm 2
Cape Stumpnose 20cm 5
Carpenter (silverfish) 35cm 4
Dageraad 40cm 1
Elf (shad) 30cm 4
Fransmadam (karel groot oog) nil 10
Galjoen 35cm 2
Garrick 70cm 2
Geelbek (cape salmon) 60cm 2
Hake (stockfish) nil 5
Hottentot 22cm 10
Kob (from shoreline) 60cm 1
Kob (deep sea) 50cm 1
Mullets / harders nil 50
Poenskop (musselcracker) 50cm 1
Red Steenbras (copper) 60cm 1
Red Stumpnose (Miss Lucy) 30cm 1
Roman 30cm 2
Santer (soldier) 30cm 5
Spotted Grunter (tiger) 40cm 5
Strepie (karanteen) 15cm 10
Squid nil 20
White musselcracker 60cm 2
Whitestreenbras 60cm 1
White stumpnose 25cm 10
Yellowbelly rockcod 60cm 1
Yellowtail nil 10
Zebra  30cm 5




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