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There have been a number of complaints of emergency calls not being answered.   Please note that you should only dial 1011 from a landline.   If you are using a mobile phone, you should dial the emergency number 112.    If you dial 10111 from your mobile phone, there is a good chance that the call will not be connected to emergency services.  From your side it will sound as though the phone is ringing and being left unanswered.   This is not the case in all areas, but in our area, it does happen.  So please note the following emergency numbers (add these to your cell phone directory):

Emergency calls from landline    10111

Emergency calls from mobile:     112

Emergency calls from landline 10111
Emergency calls from mobile 112
Alexandria Police Station 046-653-0015
Bathurst Police Station 046-625-0636
Kenton on Sea Police Station 046-648-1222
Nemato Police Station 046-624-1238
Port Alfred Police Station 046-604-2000/1/2
Seafield Police Station 046-675-1113
Traffic Department 046-604-5500
Fire Brigade 046-604-5500
Port Alfred Hospital 046-604-4000
N.S.R.I. 082-990-5971
S.P.C.A. 046-624-1919

If you wish to report stray cattle on the main artery routes, please phone the traffic department or your local police station.   They, in turn will contact designated cattle rangers.