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Kowie River, Port Alfred 

With 22 km of navigable river, boating and skiing are probably the most popular past times in Port Alfred.  The small boat harbour, which is next to the Royal Alfred Marina, is home to private boats of all descriptions, from private ski boats, fishing boats, millionaire's yachts, canoes and rafts.  Across the river, at the mouth of the harbour, is the Ski Boat Club, which is host to the NSRI (National Sea Rescue Institute).

Registrations for boats can be obtained at the Harbour Masters office, in the small boat harbour. Tel/Fax 046-624-4587. 

Boats can be launched at the small boat harbour or at the old Municipal slipway, near the tourism office.

We host the most wonderful fishing competitions.  Port Alfred is famous for having the distinction of being the third largest "line fishing port" in South Africa.

Waterskiing is allowed at the Bay of Biscay, between Bells Reach and Centenary Park. Between Centenary Park and Rabbit Rock. Please observe the skiing zones demarcated alongside the river.

Please be aware of the wake-free/dead-slow zone from the Nico Malan bridge to the end of the marina near the mouth.

Jet Ski

Please note: Jet Skis may be launched at the small boat harbour in Port Alfred and may then proceed down the Kowie River mouth towards the mouth and out to sea.   No jet ski's are allowed upriver in the Kowie River.