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Situated off the R67 to Bathurst.   Open by appointment (Contact:  046 604 3600)   Free admission.   This little museum has a lovely collection of aviation memorabilia and depicts the story of 43 Airshool through World War 1 and II.     The original 43 Air School opened in 1942 as part of the Empire Air Training Scheme during WW11.   It was used primarily for the training of observers, gunners and wireless telegraphers, and in its heyday housed 2000 people, had 2 cinemas, an Olympic-size swimming pool and hangered up to 100 aircraft, mostly Avro Ansons and Airspeed Oxfords.  After the war, the school closed down and was finally abandoned in 1956.  Jim Davis, well known in Aviation circles, bought the property in 1988, renovated some of the buildings, upgraded the runways, installed a control tower and founded 43 Air School.  Today 43 Air School is one of the finest Air Training facilities in the world, training airline pilots from across the globe.   It also houses a state of the art air traffic control training facility and full maintenance facilities.  The 43 Air School museum houses memorabilia of the glory days of flying as well as a full Impala Mk1 jet on a 3m high column.     

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