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NO WATER, FOAM OR DIRT ON THE FLOOR! At Coastal Car Care we offer a professional & thorough cleaning service which is fast and effective for the following vehicles: - Motor Vehicles - Taxis - 4 x 4s - Motorcycles - Small aircraft - Boats - Jetskis - Caravans Our services include - wash, wax, vacuum, tyres, rims and dash and we also offer a full valet service which includes upholstery. The Eco Wash System is approved by all major motor manufacturers as well as Boeing and Airbus for aircraft cleaning. Our product is completely scratch free and also rust proof. The cleaning process offers an all in one wash & wax which will leave your vehicle with a lasting shine. We also offer a mobile service - Our mobile units can be moved around easily on a showroom floor or in a parking lot so vehicles can be washed wherever they are. This means that we are also able to bring our services right to your door step. Eco-Friendly - At Coastal Car Care we care about the environment. Our products are all biodegradable to the highest European standards and are certified as such.

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