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Erected in honour of six local anti-apartheid activists who were killed by security forces between 1984-1993.  Madoda Tole Tyuka was the first person in Port Alfred to be killed by police in 1984.   At his funeral 17 people were shot and several arrested for public violence.  Thandile Ray was a young singer and COSAS leader who was instrumental in influencing a 1984 student boycott at Mtyobo Primary School which spread to Nomzambo High.  He died in 1985 aged 16.   Beckson Khuhlane was an activist and a star of the local Home Sweepers Rugby Club.   He was killed in 1987.   Phindile Nyathela was murdered in 1985 and his body was identified by activists detained and forced to identify bodies in a mortuary in Grahamstown.   Xolile Manuel who was killed in 1986 was a seasoned anti apartheid activist and thorn in the side of the Apartheid regime.   He was involved in the establishment of United Democratic Front structures and the formation of COSAS in.  Mzuvukile Mkrakra was a community leader killed by security forces