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Let Your Home tell your Story is what we focus on for our clients so suit their requirements for their home We offer a delightful shopping experience for all your kitchenware, crockery, bakeware, ,enamelware, plastic storage solutions & more.You can visualise  boutique decor pieces for your home, such as handpicked cotton throws, handwoven baskets, selective scatters, small furnishings  etc. Our range includes practical, everyday items & there is always new merchandise in store with well known brands available. We assist  our clients with ideas & options to solve their solutions for their home sanctuary. We regularly source intriguing products for you.  We offer gift vouchers, as well as a personalised Gift Registry for your Memorable Occasion, whether it be your Wedding day, Kitchen Tea, Anniversary or Birthday! Customise your gift selection, by choosing your very own wishlist . Your registry will be tailor made to suit your style. We provide an Interior design service, to accommodate clients countrywide, by a qualified, independant Interior Designer   

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